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Hello everybody. My name is Abbie Nixell-Ng and I’m the proprietor of The Paranormal Plexus. Here’s our mission. To make it easy for you to link to or otherwise access the most important publications dealing with all things paranormal. Let’s face it. It's long past time we revamped and rebooted our homogenized administrative processing of paranormal source materials and studies. At base level, this just comes down to quality third-generation flexibility. In other words, this is no time to bite the bullet with our knowledge-based asset time-phases.


We need a more contemporary reimagining of our 'Outside the box' strategic capability. We need a more blue-sky approach to quality modular capability. Our upgraded model here at The Paranormal Plexus now offers 21st Century management options. And we are by no means past our most significant generative phase. We're going forward with our plans to implement compatible strategic options for the interim and longer term future.


for now, consult the many Pages Listed in the uppermost register of this Principal Page. I’m certain you’ll find that we’ve already become uber-efficient with our integrated modularly systematized architecture.


Happy Hunting from all of us here at The Paranormal Plexus (TPP)!

Whatever you need, from ghosts to nefarious underground organizations, TPP it!